Three Guys From Miami: Cuban and Spanish Food Recipes
Cake How to Make the Best Cuban and Spanish Desserts

How to Make the Best Cuban and Spanish Desserts:



The little yellow cone-shaped cakes you see in just about every Cuban bakery.

Cake Emborrachado

This cake gets drunk on rum, so you don't have to.

Cuban Cheesecake -- Flan de Queso

The Cuban version of cheesecake.

Frituras de Calabaza -- Pumpkin Fritters

Sweet pumpkin pie-like flavor in a crispy fried dough that makes a great appetizer or dessert. Add a scoop of ice cream if you dare.

Guava Cake -- Cake de Guayaba

The sweet guava cake that will remind veteran Cubans of Masa Real.

Mango Cake -- Cake de Mango

Ripe juicy mangoes baked in a sumptuous cake.

Nata Cake

Cake squares stuffed with a pudding-like filling and topped with whipped cream.

Rum Cake -- Cake de Ron

Rum gives this rich and moist cake a complex and interesting flavor.

Rum & Coke Cake -- Cake de Cuba Libre

A delicious cake that unites the classic flavor of Coca-Cola and rum to honor one of the favorite cocktails of Cubans, the Cuba Libre!

Tres Leches Cake

Three milks: sweetened condensed, evaporated, and heavy cream.

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